Specialized operations management professional

Different sectors have their own challenges that require years of experience. Our strength is the in-depth knowledge of the industries that we have chosen. By specializing in the specific requirements of certain industries we can provide our customers with the best solutions that meet the actual needs of their companies. In the industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), the features of the system have been designed for the processes that are characteristic for the field in question.

The provider of the company’s information system having in-depth knowledge of the customer’s industry has many benefits when starting the partnership. Dialogue about the system will proceed more smoothly when the customer does not have to spend time on describing the general features of their industry.

We are professionals at implementing customer-specific solutions with Microsoft Dynamics solutions. We have more than 30 experienced Microsoft Dynamics experts at your service. When you select Mavisystems, you will get an experienced partner that will implement the information system project of your business in a controlled and systematic way. At the same time, you will get access to Microsoft’s strong product development and global network.

Benefits of being industry-specific:

  • Understanding the customer’s business
  • Time saving and efficiency in discussions
  • Taking advantage of previous experience and best practices
  • The industry expansion of the system saves costs
  • Guaranteed success of the implementation